As you are aware, currently an investor can hold securities in either physical or electronic form. The investor can transfer the securities held in physical form by sending the certificates to the Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) of the Issuer, along with transfer deed. If the documents are in order, the RTA transfers the securities in the name of the transferee by endorsement at the back of the certificate(s). However, with reference to SEBI notification No. SEBI/LAD-NRO/GN/2018/24 dated 8th June 2018, and the subsequent CDSL Communique No. CDSL/OPS/DP/POLCY/2018/351 dated 6th July 2018, please note that effective from 1st April 2019, the securities held in the physical form, will not be transferable. Only the securities held in electronic form will be transferable. Hence, kindly get the physical shares, if any, dematerialized by 1st April 2019, to avoid any inconvenience regarding the transfer of securities post this date. Please note that post 1st April 2019, the physical shares can be transferred to another person only in case of transmission [means the transfer of securities in case of death of holder(s)] or in case of transposition of securities [means a change of sequence of current holder mentioned on certificate].

Trade Guide Signal

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Investment in Securities market are subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before invesng.

Why Some Traders Lose Money?

Most of the traders are losing money because they take emotional trading decisions influenced by hope, greed and fear. Markets go up and go down, sometimes it move fast and sometimes a little bit slower, but it is the nature of how financial markets behave. We do not have any control over market behavior.

However, if you are trading because of a thrill and excitement, you won’t last long in this business. Adopt a professional mindset and use appropriate technology to avoid emotional trading.

Only few traders are making money because they are organized and follow a rule based approach to trading.

Here’s what organized traders, who are also successful, do differently:

Trading Component Disorganized Trader Organized Trader
Decision Making Takes instant decisions Strictly follows Trading Plan
Trading styles (Intraday/
Depends on Market Sentiment Identifies one suitable trading style (Trader Test)
Stock Selection Method Follows experts tips Mechanism to identify Best Performing stocks from each Sector & periodic reshuffling
Entry Takes View-Buy/Sell Rule based trading strategy
Type of Trade Only Long Both Long & Short
Stop Loss Relies on hope Follows calculated Stop Loss
Exit Because of Fear Exit on Trend Reversal or Target trigger
Position Sizing (Quantity) Depends on performance of recent trades-Greed / Fear Constant Quantity
Order Execution Manual Automated-One click execution

The other key element is the execution of the same. One has to monitor market movements and execute the plan in a timely manner in order to reap the maximum benefits.To conclude, organized traders have a comprehensive and clear road map which is their Trading Plan. Trading Plan is a set of rules which helps in defining, what when and how trading is to be done. But setting a Trading Plan is just one half of the task.

That takes countless hours of research and analysis. That’s where Motilal Oswal’s TradeGuide Signal comes into picture. A product that’s specifically designed to become an organized Trader is done by designing and executing the trading plan at the click of a button.

TradeGuide Signal – An Overview

Molal Oswal’s TradeGuide Signal is an innovave trend guiding tool which automacally generates aconable Buy / Sell trading ideas for all asset classes – Equity, Currency and Commodity for di erent types of traders i.e Posional, Intraday, Swing & Momentum. This is first-of-its-kind, arficially intelligent and predicve trading engine for traders that is powered by the combined strength of machine learning, cung edge technology and deep industry insights.

TGS works on Rule Based trading strategies which makes use of advanced algorithms to back-test the predicve power of the widest possible universe of trading variables. To make TGS perform excep‑onally well in di erent market condions, we keep on back-tesng the di erent scenarios on consistent basis.

Finding out Trading opportuniŒes and acng on them in a mely manner requires immense e orts in terms of tracking, analyzing and deciding. With a deluge of data and informaon flow it makes the task even more complicated and humongous.

But now, with the all new TradeGuide Signal, your e orts stand out-sourced. All the data analysis and decision making will be done at the fracon of a second by the system in an emouonless and disciplined manner, leaving you with the opon to benefit from the trading opportunity at the click of a buon. That’s Rule Based Trading for you!

Signal Tracker

Robust Trading System which generates Buy/Sell entries, stop losses, trailing stop losses and exit signals. It clearly defines what to do and when it is to be done.

  • TradeGuide gives you calculated real me trailing stop loss for each stock are performing millions of complex calculations to understand its volatility.
  • During the sideways market, TradeGuide generates a lesser number of signals due to the inbuilt concept of ‘No Trading Zone’ in the strategy.
  • TradeGuide generates signals only when there is strength in the trend. It also enables both long and short trades based on predefined technical rules without any human intervention and emotional bias.
  • Live to track of profits and losses for carrying forward open position along with live tracking of Premium / Discount between current and next month futures contracts.
  • Real me Seven- Alert systems when the signal is generated: flash signal in the tracker, update in the Market watch, Pop up message, Pre – filled batch order, SMS/Email/Audio alert.
  • One click execution of prefilled batch order forms which opens automatically when a signal is generated.
  • Facility to identify High Convic]on ideas out of the signals generated from the selected stocks.
  • Comprehensive Seng uµlity to filter the conditions on the signal tracker during the live market.

Stock Selection

To make system adaptive to changing market conditions each stock is reviewed periodically by optimising its parameters to give you the best trading signals for consistent performance.

Stock Selection Rules:

Stock must be selected as per your risk appetite & Trading Style.
Select stocks based on your trading style. You should know your stocks before you trade:

  • Open to select your stocks based on various filters like Product, Segment, Sector & TGS pick
  • Readymade list of TGS TOP 20 and TGS TOP 10 stocks out of different sectors.
  • SMS & Email Signal alert for your selected stocks.
  • Select stocks from different asset classes i.e. Equity, Currency, Commodity etc.

Trading Planner

Trading plan is a set of rules which clearly defines what, when & how trading is to be done. A foolproof trading plan executed through robust technology is what transforms a disorganized trader into an organized trader.

Trading Plan is the key ingredient for consistent performance in Stock Market. TradeGuide Signal empowers you with a simplified and powerful Trading Planner to Pre-Plan your trading ac vi es in advance. This Planner includes unique features which make trading more disciplined and accurate.

  • Acon: function to select the ac on (like Buy / Sell, all etc.) to be taken on system generated trades.
  • Posion Sizing: A sec on where you can define/derived trading quan ty based on risk or investment amount methods for cash segment and number of lots or future segment.
  • Future Expiry: A column to select the expiry for trading future contracts.
  • Exit Method: Method to define your exit criteria based on Trend, % Profit Target and Risk Reward.
  • Global Seng: Mechanism to set planner for mulµple stocks in one click.
  • Stop Loss: Facility to enter / define the stop loss % other than the system provided stop loss

Performance Tracker

Performance Tracker is useful for understanding the past performance of stocks based on the backtesting output. You can generate online backtesting reports to understand performance, margin and MTM investment requirements.

This sec‑on has many reports by which one can select the right stocks to trade-on based on past behaviour.

  • Stock Wise Report: A detailed report for all stocks and for each product type on past backtesting output.
  • Month Wise Report: Month-wise performance report for each of the product type.

Target Analysis Report: A report to understand and select the best profit target for your trades.

Market Trendicator

This is a comprehensive report that helps the users to understand market dynamics at a glance. This is the latest tool in the industry to keep you informed and ahead in this technology-driven market.

  • Live Market Trend: This helps to understand market trend i.e. Bullish, Bearish, Overbought, Oversold or Sideways
  • The strength of the Trend: This helps to verify the market trend with the number of stocks supporting it
  • Sector Heat Map: A sec‑on to understand the sectorial par[1]cipaon of stocks in an ongoing trend
  • Niy Strength Analysis: Report understanding the trend of Niy based on the number of open positions

TGS Trader Test

A unique tool to determine the different types of traders based on the 14 psychological an objective questionnaires.

This is the simplest way to determine your trading behaviour which is the first step on the ladder of becoming a successful and disciplined trader.

This is a free test which will take only 3-4 minutes. In the end, you will know which trading style suits you the best whether you are an Intraday, Momentum, Swing or a Positional Trader.

Identifying the right trading style is the first step to become a successful & organized trader.


No. of stocks & Indices CNX500 Highly Liquid Stocks Highly Liquid Stocks Highly Liquid Stocks Highly Liquid Stocks
NSE F&O Stocks All F&O Stocks All F&O Stocks All F&O Stocks All F&O Stocks
Currency NA 4 4 0
Commodity NA 6 6 0
T20 18 Stocks & 2 Indices 18 Stocks & 2 Indices 18 Stocks & 2 Indices 18 Stocks & 2 Indices
T10 10 Stocks 10 Stocks 10 Stocks 10 Stocks
No. of signals generate in a day CNX500 15 25 50 N.A
NSE F&O Stocks 20 40 175 20
Indices 1 1 3 1
Currency NA 2 5 N.A
Commodity NA 3 10 N.A
T20 3 5 15 3
T10 1 2 8 2
Holding period Few Weeks Few Days Few Hours One Day
Stop loss % range CNX500 2.5% to 6.5% 1.5% – 5.5% 0.3% – 1.5% N.A
NSE 2.5% to 6.5% 1.5% – 5.5% 0.3% – 1.5% 0.3% – 2%
Indices 0.75 – 2 0.5 – 1.5 0.25 – 0.5 0.3% – 1.5%
Currency NA 0.25% to 1.25% 0.1% – 1% N.A
Commodity NA 1% to 3% 0.1% – 1.5% N.A
Stop loss revised mechanism Slow Medium Fast SuperFast
Trading zone Buy/Sell/No Trading Zone Buy/Sell/No Trading Zone Buy/Sell/No Trading Zone Buy/Sell/No Trading Zone
Charng me scale on closing basis 2 Minutes Candle 2 Minutes Candle 1 Minutes Candle 1 Minutes Candle
Signals are generated only aer NSE 9:15 AM 9:15 AM 9:45 AM 2:45 PM
Currency N.A 9:00 AM 9:30 AM N.A
Commodity N.A 10:00 AM 10:30 AM N.A
No new signals will be generated aer NSE 3:29 PM 3:29 PM 30 Minutes Before Market Close 3:29 PM
Currency N.A 4:59 PM 30 Minutes Before Market Close N.A
Commodity N.A 11:54:00 / 11:29:00 PM 30 Minutes Before Market Close N.A
Time out exit NSE N.A N.A 15 Minutes Before Market Close 10:00 AM
Currency N.A N.A 15 Minutes Before Market Close N.A
Commodity N.A N.A 15 Minutes Before Market Close N.A