As you are aware, currently an investor can hold securities in either physical or electronic form. The investor can transfer the securities held in physical form by sending the certificates to the Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) of the Issuer, along with transfer deed. If the documents are in order, the RTA transfers the securities in the name of the transferee by endorsement at the back of the certificate(s). However, with reference to SEBI notification No. SEBI/LAD-NRO/GN/2018/24 dated 8th June 2018, and the subsequent CDSL Communique No. CDSL/OPS/DP/POLCY/2018/351 dated 6th July 2018, please note that effective from 1st April 2019, the securities held in the physical form, will not be transferable. Only the securities held in electronic form will be transferable. Hence, kindly get the physical shares, if any, dematerialized by 1st April 2019, to avoid any inconvenience regarding the transfer of securities post this date. Please note that post 1st April 2019, the physical shares can be transferred to another person only in case of transmission [means the transfer of securities in case of death of holder(s)] or in case of transposition of securities [means a change of sequence of current holder mentioned on certificate].



Take One Step Further and get the benefit

Derivatives are an excellent profit to help you rank on an effective tool to hurdle your risks and prepared for market movements, market study and earn returns in a relatively shorter duration.
To get more liquidity and benefit, derivatives do away with the need to invest a large amount of capital upfront and allowing you to benefit from market movements.
Today’s era derivative is the options trading that dominates the overall volumes. Derivatives have emerged as one of the popular segment in financial markets. Therefore it is imperative that one understands this segment well, not only for trading but for hurdle as well. Hence share broker does cater to the trading society with ideas generated by our Technical teams, who are experts for designing strategies that suit various kinds of client categories.

Why us?

•  Our products are designed to help you edge your long-term positions.
• Whether you are an active trader who believes in making the most of market opportunities or a new trader seeking information on futures, options and derivative strategies, our dedicated advisory team is well equipped to help you make informed and well-timed decisions on the move.

Our products and technology:

• Option to trade in Futures, Options and Future Plus – a leverage product helpful for intraday traders having limited margin
• Exposure of up to 33 times of the available funds in Nifty futures and 20 times in Stock
• Loan against shares facility to buy more contracts by providing stock or cash collateral
• Real-time fund transfer facility to get instant limit or reduce risk percentage
• Special Feature to Protect Profit Price also available
• All devices through a single access for secured trading experience and using single access you never miss an opportunity.
• Advanced technical analysis and charting tools integrated with advice
• A new generation trading tool that automatically generates Buy / Sell signals based on pre-defined technical rules.
• A tool to generate trading ideas and help you in choosing to put or call at the right strike price by Options Writer
• Derivative & Options Chains to provide F&O quotes with strike price and premiums for a given expiry
• Spread Watch tool to help you choose a contract by comparing the spread between expiries


• Access to a broad range of actionable strategies customized to your risk profile and time horizon right from intraday, overnight, short-term to positional calls
• Quantitative strategies for positional traders to maximize risk-adjusted returns
• Customized advice across all asset classes – Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies and Mutual Funds
• Our Dedicated Relationship Managers and advisory team to provide timely recommendations
• Our advice across all platforms Desktop, Web, Mobile & Tablet, SmartWatch


  • What are Futures ?
  • What are Forward contracts?
What are Futures ?

Futures and options are exchange-traded contracts to buy or sell physical commodities for Future delivery at an agreed price. There is an understanding to sell or buy a specified quantity of the commodity in a designated Future month at a price agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

What are Forward contracts?

A forward contract is a personalized contract between two parties, where settlement takes place on a specific date in future at a price agreed today. The contract price is not available to everyone, it is the important feature of forwarding contract.